Friday, January 6, 2012

It (Love)

Love is blind
But it ain't weak
Love can turn the other cheek
When it's lost
Love can't be found
But when it's there, baby
It's all around
Love lives in your heart
It feels your soul
It beats to a rhythm
Your spirit has shown
A battle of strength
You must fight to be you
We live in a world
Where hope is still new
Lying and cheating
May take you there fast
But love is the answer
It alone will outlast
Every last fight
Every last war
Every last wave
Embracing the shore
Every last fumble
Every last fall
Every last back
Shoved up against the wall
Every last woman
And every last man
Every last creature
In this magic land
Love is the answer
To all unknown things
If you search
You will find out
Love realizes dreams.

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Haunted Allusions: It (Love)

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It (Love)