Monday, January 16, 2012


Lying in a field that glistens
Under starry midnight skies
Laughing at the Mason jar
We've filled with fireflies
Turning up the radio
So we don't have to think
Is this real?
Or will we part in tune
With one innocent blink?

As i look away you tell me
Baby, please remember this
Before you speak
You ruggedly
Embrace me for a kiss

You can be an inspiration
You can be a shooting star
You can rise above all obstacles
You're special, babe
You are
You're a dreamer in a dungeon
You're a fighter in the ring
You're a talent torn by truth
And you're a voice that's meant to sing

So gather strength and courage
From the comfort of my arms
Revive yourself with crystal rain
Let light burst into stars
What has worth will not come easy
So don't ever give up
Pour your wisdom into loving souls
Who wish to fill their cups

There's beauty deep inside, dear
And there's magic all around
You've got the right idea
Let yourself be found

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