Friday, December 2, 2011

The Rain

The visionary rests upon his heartaches
For a self-forgotten man
Has a bed of salt-kissed scars entwined
With faded, distant sands.
Waves rushing all around him
Crash with eerie charms
They toss and turn and tumble
Bewitching his rough hands.
His feet are strong, yet heavy
As they long to reach the shore
If he stumbles,
If he falters, then
What is he breathing for?
He glances skyward from his promenade
To dark clouds filled with pain
In his heart
He knows that hope and love
Will drive him through the rain.


Thursday, December 1, 2011


Constellations cross my eyes
When blocking out such mangled minds
An island Eden cries,
Salt spray
Splash over me
Soothe my spirit
Rescue me,
Bring with you a gentle breeze
The music of monkeys
Swaying trees
Mangos, waves, and bright green leaves,
A drunken tango
Amidst mystic seas.


Haunted Allusions: December 2011

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Haunted Allusions