Friday, January 27, 2012

Sea of Heartbreak

Lost at sea of heartbreak
Ocean of despair
Sour tears of loneliness
Catch currents in the air
Raging for a moment
Then timidly it fades
Time stands still around such thoughts
Dreams cut like razor blades

Spines hold callused fingertips
Not rugged, roughened steel
The demons came out yesterday
Preparing for their meal
Today they feast on love and hope
Devour sunny days
They live off greed and faulty truth
Sordid are their ways
Sneak around and eat the flesh
From tattered, beaten souls
Rip away what they’ve got left
Rake them onto coals

Fiery furnace raptures
Screams no longer heard
Underbelly of the beast
Chows down every word

No surrender to the monsters
Promise lingers on
Though blood laced visions moan and drip
Sing a righteous song
True hearts stand together
Never claim defeat
Breathe courage
Live strength
Take leaps of faith
Angels don't retreat

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here you Are

Fancy office
Shiny car
Flashy jet
“…Here you are”

Champagne bubbles
Catching dreams
Diamond mirrors
Catwalk scenes
Studded parties
Rock that
Red carpet
Hummer limo
Rising star
Here you are

Chandelier kisses
Crystal glass
Professional friend
To wipe your ass
Come in peace
Stay in fear
Never so alone
As you are… here

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Well

I’m a quitter
Wouldn’t know me if I tried,
I use to think
I kind of
Had a sense of pride

But that fell down
Into the well
Before the bucket dropped to catch,
I spun the wheel
With all my might
Man, that rope could stretch

Muscles churned
Red skin burned
Soft tears
Mixed with
Rough sweat

Though hard I tried
The rope gave way
I lost my only friend
He flew straight down
That black abyss
Like many other men

I’m left alone
To fight in vain
A battle to the end

My guts
I rip
And turn
And twist
The hunger digs in deep,
When this is through
I’ll get to you
Then maybe
We can sleep

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Monday, January 16, 2012


Lying in a field that glistens
Under starry midnight skies
Laughing at the Mason jar
We've filled with fireflies
Turning up the radio
So we don't have to think
Is this real?
Or will we part in tune
With one innocent blink?

As i look away you tell me
Baby, please remember this
Before you speak
You ruggedly
Embrace me for a kiss

You can be an inspiration
You can be a shooting star
You can rise above all obstacles
You're special, babe
You are
You're a dreamer in a dungeon
You're a fighter in the ring
You're a talent torn by truth
And you're a voice that's meant to sing

So gather strength and courage
From the comfort of my arms
Revive yourself with crystal rain
Let light burst into stars
What has worth will not come easy
So don't ever give up
Pour your wisdom into loving souls
Who wish to fill their cups

There's beauty deep inside, dear
And there's magic all around
You've got the right idea
Let yourself be found

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


You dance around in circles
As you stretch towards the shore
Lifting up
What once was here no more
You’ve got a million faces
I’ve made a million more mistakes
Things in time may crash and fall
There’s beauty in the break

We can stand before our demons
Because shadows won’t suffice
Drop in on this together
Crystal blue
Our souls unite
Deliver me from darkness
Baby, hold me
At my peak
Splash life’s charms
Around my face
Kiss my salty cheeks
Hold my spirit in your beauty
Swirl around my toes
Spit me out
In liquid love
Forever, your mystique

You dance around in circles
As you stretch towards the shore
Lifting up
What once was here no more
You’ve got a million faces
I’ve made a million more mistakes
Things in time may crash and fall
There’s beauty in the break

The darkest rain
May smack our backs,
A tempest of retreat
We may disappear
While our “what if”s
Lay dying at our feet
If we believe in love and hold on tight
Our inner truths will bring the sun
Scattered shells will lead the way
There’s paradise in sight

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Monday, January 9, 2012


Do you wonder what would happen 
If we lost the will to dream?
Would we slip between the hidden cracks
Of boardwalks by the sea?
Would we drown inside from broken hearts
Impossible to mend?
Would we turn to dust amongst the stars
To never burn again?
Would we live entombed by borders
Never winning, never beat?
Would we sleepwalk through our visions
Never knowing where they lead?
Would we fade into a backdrop
Of invisible restraint?
Will we fight to live another day
Or will we be too late?

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Friday, January 6, 2012

It (Love)

Love is blind
But it ain't weak
Love can turn the other cheek
When it's lost
Love can't be found
But when it's there, baby
It's all around
Love lives in your heart
It feels your soul
It beats to a rhythm
Your spirit has shown
A battle of strength
You must fight to be you
We live in a world
Where hope is still new
Lying and cheating
May take you there fast
But love is the answer
It alone will outlast
Every last fight
Every last war
Every last wave
Embracing the shore
Every last fumble
Every last fall
Every last back
Shoved up against the wall
Every last woman
And every last man
Every last creature
In this magic land
Love is the answer
To all unknown things
If you search
You will find out
Love realizes dreams.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

In the Darkness

In the darkness
I can’t see
Spells and shadows
Engulfing me
Smoke like visions
Swirling dreams
Rush and tumble
Vintage scenes
In the darkness
Magical black
Ethereal monsters
Brush my back
Entombed in silence
Mission bells
Discover loss
In shot gun shells
In the darkness
Time to run
Embrace the wicked
Be someone.

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